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 There was an interesting question on Twitter about what is the best system for running The Green Knight. say any because at the core of the story is a simple question: Are you honorable? This is a question independent of the math/mechanics of any system and so can be run with any system.

However, I think another interesting question is: If all your players see The Green Knight how would you change the setup? See below suggestions that jumped to mind in ~10 min-- so some better than others

Roll a d10 for an Alternative Green Knight Story
0-1: Roll to actually land the opening blow: Pass play as normal (kinda boring). Fail well play out the consequences of demonstrating lack of character in front of the king and other knights

2-3: After beheading, PC becomes the Green Knight and is seen as monstrous. What must be done? And does PC care to do it?

4-5: Beheaded Green Knight's spirit possesses the king who then rides off. But the bet still stands, meet in a year

6-7: Beheaded Green Knight's spirit possesses PC, can land a beheading blow to anyone else at any time, NOT of the PC's choosing

8-9: Green Knight issues the same challenge, beheading blow lands, severed head now same as the PCs to the horror of everyone else

BONUS CALL OF CTHULHU SETUP: Replace King Arthur & Knights with Kingpin and bootlegger gang. One night at a party a previously killed rival kingpin shows back up and challenges one brave member to a duel. A PC accepts, kills the kingpin again. 

After much nervous laughing, kingpin re-animates (maybe by some leftover green formula of a late Dr. West) passes judgment on PC that shot them and leaves. Touching off the CoC investigation.

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