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NIGHTWICK ABBEY: The Purple Eater of People, Session 9


Art by Chris Huth

Previously in Nightwick...

The Party

Blossom (Rogue 2)
Bertol (Rogue 2)
Mayfly (Magic-User 1)
Sumac (Changling 1)
Hirelings: None attending us this time

At the Medusa's Head...

(PC Note: This session was abbreviated, but revealed some good developments in terms of NPCs. And I think when attempting long-term campaigns, consistency of meeting, even briefly, trumps the length of any individual session.)

(PC Note: At the beginning of the session we also gained a new player!  With DEX 15, I believe another rogue. They will be joining us for Session 10- a milestone for sure!)

The date is Uno-December 13, 1390 and the feast of the new year has come and passed. But on this particular day, feasting of a different sort is occurring due to the wife of Nightwick Village, Lord Arkard, giving birth to a daughter.

But that is little of the party's concern. To be frank, Bertol was quite surprised Nightwick Village was large enough (or worthwhile enough) to garner governmental oversight of any sort. But this might have something to do with the proximity to Nightwick Abbey and the propensity of graveyards in the area to vomit forth their occupants.

The individual who occupied the party's, and specifically Mayfly's, attention was the noted magus of great power, Halfdan. A rumored man of great power and wicked nature. Mayfly thought he could sell the wineskin of bizarre blood to the mage to fund deeper exploration into Nightwick Abbey.

The party made their way down the road to the looming tower on the other side of the graveyard. On their approach, a surprising storm arose over the tower. Mayfly's eyes skittered over the front door, searching for any traps and finding none-- he knocked. And to his surprise, a bear answered.

The party was ushered, most politely, by the bear into a very old, musty (possibly lice-ridden) waiting area. The bear trundled upstairs and a few moments later the Magus Halfdan appeared. This supposedly great wizard called for drinks. Which was brought back down the stairs by the bear, holding mugs in its mouth and a cask of drink around its neck.

Discussion commenced with Mayfly angling to get payment for the weird blood. But after some back and froth, Halfdan was not forthcoming. Bertol stepped up to provide a shrewder way of putting things, resulting in a deal being put into place.

From Halfdan the party learned:

  • The blood is a type of trap. Using it (or ingesting it) will create a connection between the thing/person and Her (aka The Lady).
  • The Sword Brothers, builders of the Abbey, also had a fantastical underground garden and many wondrous contraptions. Halfdan will pay top dollar for them.
  • The Magus Halfdan gave the party a magic scroll in return for obtaining some items from the Abbey's garden within 6 months time.
  • The scroll: Read Magic (1st), Ventriloquism (1st), Fireball (3rd) [total value ~500 SP + 5 weeks to manufacture]
So fruitful! The party has obtained a "paper cannon" in the form of the fireball spell. And who knows Mayfly could transcribe the ventriloquism to his own spellbook (hmm...)

Pictures our DM used to capture
the "feel" of the NPCs

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