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TORCHES (6): A RPG Microblog Collection 2


1HD MONSTERS ARE GREATER THAN THEY SEEM: Traverse Fantasy talks about how 1 HD monsters are a special case in that they often take effort to kill than their 1 HD indicates. The resulting math indicates that a 2 HD monsters for instance is not equal to two 1 HD monsters but instead two 1/2 HD monsters.

PORK FACES & ROMAN DARTS: In 2d AD&D, MU could use darts. In my pre-teens, I thought that was a silly weapon- a little throwing dart? Here is a video with a more accurate presentation of what these darts were. I like the use of pork shoulder to represent the size/density of someone's face.

RULES-AS-CLASS: Pretty neat here how this person had divided the player rules into little pamphlets for each old-school class; maybe I should do Serpent Song this way.

ABILITIES SCORES AS CHARACTER REACTIONS ACTS UNDER STRESS: Love this post by Zedeck where he talks about how DEX is more reflex than balance; maybe I should do Serpent Song this way as I have always liked the idea of save throws as prime stats.

PROCEDURE FOR BUILDING FACTIONS from Dungeonfruit. I especially like the note about giving factions specific & proactive goals.

SHARP "ESS" WORDS: Social combat from Amanda P over at Weird Wonder. This seems like a fun little system that could be employed in a lot of places or maybe as a sorta downtime activity too.


  1. Thanks for that dart video share. I've ALWAYS wondered. I had no clue.

    1. I know right- an example of were an illustration would have save many a MU *more* humiliation