One day I will get around to posting my revisions to Forbidden Caverns of Archaia. I really do enjoy the module, but it desperately needs more of that Hot Springs Island/MOTHERSHIP layout-functionality.

Until then, here are d12 Units of Impurax I am trying to design to challenge my 5e players (all rough outlines):


01 | Ogre swinging a maul of pestilence
02 | Chariot pulled by 10 armless, biting zombies that fan out when it comes to rest
03 | Goul skirmishers that leap into battle to paralyze then withdraw; hit-and-run
04 | Bone constructs of rotting crows, vultures, birds, and other vermin
05 | Black pudding & green slime bombs
06 | Vermin jars- stinging and poisonous
07 | Giant centipedes lashed to 10' poles or tied to zombies' heads
08 | Giant rats (because why not)
09 | Phlegm goblins: toad-like goblins that spray mucus as web and drawback in
10 | Bloated rot runners: zombies filled with rot grubs- 1-3 explode enemy lines, 4-6 explode friendly
11 | Fungus druids
12 | Spells & spell-like effects that could be used

  1. The Toll of the Grave- a bell ringing that stops the hearts of the living
  2. Roil of the Earth- dead spin in their graves creating unstable ground
  3. Rot & Ruin- all armor & weapons receive a notch (or whatever degradation)
  4. A Gout of Gas- Explosions of methane: 1-4 push, 5-6 fire
  5. Enfeeble Ray
  6. Prismatic Pestilence- Black, blue, purple, red, yellow, brown
  7. Spore Cloud
  8. Poisonous Blood- attack receives as much damage as given
  9. Taint the Soul- WIS save or possession (award XP for devious actions)
  10. Summon Blood Elemental- 1 HD for each dead creature on the ground (better as an item?)