The Nightwick Abbey Campaign (BX D&D): Weeknights in Nightwick


✍︎ Don Greer

SUMMARY: Since Oct. 2021, I have had the good fortune of participating in one of Miranda Elkin's Nightwick Abbey megadungeon campaigns. Below is a catalog of all the sessions that have been run using Old-School Essentials (BX D&D) with some homebrew rules by Miranda. It has been a fantastic adventure in a hell-haunted abbey cursed by its founders' hubris and I think really shows off old-school D&D at its dungeon-crawling best.  If this sounds fun, then come brave the depths!

The Year Twenty Twenty-One

Session 01: The Adventure Begins!

Session 02: The Adventure Begins... Again!

Session 03: No Lifeguards At This Pool

Session 04: Party In The Graveyard

Session 05: (Lost)

Session 06: Just Grab The Silver Bowls, We'll Wipe the Blood Out Later

Session 07: The Butcher of Nightwick

The Year Twenty Twenty-Two

Session 08We Can't Stop Here, This is (Deer-Man) Country!

Session 09: Halfdan the Black, Wizard of the Dark Country

Session 10: The Silent Dance

Session 11: A Visit To The Torture Chamber

Session 12: I Got Souls But I'm Not A Soul-der

Session 13: In The Name Of The Saints We Pray: Fuck Those Deermen

Session 14: Reflections Of Our Worst Selves (Okay, Maybe Just The Wizard)

Session 15: The Nightwick Janitorial Staff...and Fucking Deermen

Session 16: A Very Brief Recount By the Dwarf Corfu

Session 17: The Screaming Heads

Session 18: Seriously...Fuck Those Deermen

Session 19: Hexcrawlin', Skeleton Eatin', Deal Makin'

Session 20: Angels Are Real And Live In The Swamp

Session 21: The Witch

Session 22: The Scribbles (And Gold) Of A Mad Man

Session 23 & 24: The Butcher And The Bandit 

Session 25 & 26: The Happening Happens To Us

Session 27: The Man With The Golden Skull

☙ All sessions beyond, unless otherwise noted, are posted at Mycelium Mischef 

Sessions 28 & 29 : The Butthole of Nightwick

Session 30 : The Dragon's Belly

Session 31 Into the Crevasse

Session 32 : Mad God Maggots & Crying Women

Session 33 Never Trust a Treasure Chest

Session 34 : Tricked With Conjugation

Session 35 : Fresh Juice

Session 36 : Dungeon Tours Brought to You By Werner Herzog

Session 37 : Pyrotechnics MVP

Session 38 : In Search of Father Winter

Session 39 : Lost in the Abbey

Sesssion 40 : Kick a Devilman in the Balls

Session 41: A Small Sacrifice to Save Us All

The Year Twenty Twenty-Three

Session 42: : Objection!

Session 43:  Making Friends in the Dark Country

Session 44: The Master Returns (Sorta)

Session 45: : "Like mushrooms but they're body parts"

Session 46: : Between Two Corpses

Session 47: A Real Estate

Session 48 : Everyone Has Two Grandmothers

Session 49 : Blossom the Rogue's Excellent All-Natural 100% Authentic Real Fake Children (and Some Silly Gooses)

Session 50: Everything is Fine. Nothing is Ruined. 

In These Hell-Haunted Halls: Nightwick at 50 Sessions (infographic)

Session 51: Picking Up After Ourselves

Session 52: We Play Chainmail...Seriously!

Session 53: Don't Throw Your Only Torch

Session 54 St. Samson Reborn... We Regret That

Session 55 Don't Go In Without A Plan

Session 56 Deja Vu

Session 57: Where We Get Our Revenge

Session 58: Pudding!

Session 59: Bathhouse Episode

Session 60Dealings in the Sewer

Session 61Robbing the (Thieves and Assassins)

Session 62All This Treasure, Just Lying Around!

Session 6330 Seconds in Hell

Session 64All of the Hirelings are Dead

Session 65It's Simple, We Kill The Bat Man

Session 66A Blasphemous Relic

Session 67That Pun Was So Bad It Started Combat

Session 68Devilman Diplomacy

Session 69 (nice): A Not Nice a Day for Mechtilde

Session 70Solving Problems With the Power of Friendship and Money

Session 71The Metaphysics of Phantasmal Force

Session 72: The Fourth Level of this Forsaken Abbey

Session 73: WAR! (icastlight)

Session 74: The First Delve in Level 4

Session 75Time Ghouls When You're Fly-People

Session 76Smoke, Blood, and Crying For The Sins of Humanity

Session 77Getting to Know the New Neighbors

Session 78: Mooby of Nightwick Abbey (icastlight)

Session 79Our Worst Plan Yet

Session 80RIP To A Real One

Session 81"That's a lot of lip for something with no skin"

Session 82: 30ft X 30ft of Terror! (icastlight)

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