The Nightwick Abbey Campaign (BX D&D): Weeknights in Nightwick


✍︎ Don Greer

SUMMARY: Since Oct. 2021, I have had the good fortune of participating in one of Miranda Elkin's Nightwick Abbey megadungeon campaigns. Below is a catalog of all the sessions that have been run using Old-School Essentials (BX D&D) with some homebrew rules by Miranda. It has been a fantastic adventure is a hell-haunted abbey cursed by its founds hubris and I think really shows off old-school D&D at its dungeon-crawling best.  If this sounds fun, then come brave the depths!

Session 01: The Adventure Begins! (2021)

Session 02: The Adventure Begins... Again!

Session 03: No Lifeguards At This Pool

Session 04: Party In The Graveyard

Session 05: (Lost)

Session 06: Just Grab The Silver Bowls, We'll Wipe the Blood Out Later

Session 07: The Butcher of Nightwick

Session 08We Can't Stop Here, This is (Deer-Man) Country! (2022)

Session 09: Halfdan the Black, Wizard of the Dark Country

Session 10: The Silent Dance

Session 11

Session 12:

Session 13:

Session 14:

Session 15:

Session 16:

Session 17:

Session 18:

Session 19:

Session 20:

Session 21:

Session 22:

Session 23 & 24:

Session 25 & 26:

Session 27

Sessions 28 & 29 (at Mycelium Mischef):

Session 30 (at Mycelium Mischef):

Session 31 (at Mycelium Mischef)Into the Crevasse

Session 32 (at Mycelium Mischef): Mad God Maggots & Crying Women

Session 33 (at Mycelium Mischef):

Session 34 (at Mycelium Mischef):

Session 35 (at Mycelium Mischef): Fresh Juice

Session 36 (at Mycelium Mischef): Dungeon Tours Brought to You By Werner Herzog

Session 37 (at Mycelium Mischef): Pyrotechnics MVP

Session 38 (at Mycelium Mischef): In Search of Father Winter

Session 39 (at Mycelium Mischef): Lost in the Abbey

Sesssion 40 (at Mycelium Mischef): Kick a Devilman in the Balls

Session 41: 

Session 42: (at Mycelium Mischef): Objection! (2023)

Session 43: (at Mycelium Mischef): Making Friends in the Dark Country

Session 44: The Master Returns (Sorta)

Session 45: (at Mycelium Mischef): "Like mushrooms but they're body parts"

Session 46: (at Mycelium Mischef): Between Two Corpses

Session 47: A Real Estate

Session 48 (at Mycelium Mishcheif): Everyone Has Two Grandmothers

Session 49 (at Mycelium Mischef): Blossom the Rogue's Excellent All-Natural 100% Authentic Real Fake Children (and Some Silly Gooses)

Session 50 (at Mycelium Mischef): Everything is Fine. Nothing is Ruined.

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