OD&D: Opium, Dunsany & Dreamlands Part I

PURPOSE: As a sorta follow-up to my reskinning of Lair of the Lamb, I was encouraged to try reskinning OD&D monsters for various genre settings. Or at least give the Underworld Level 1 random encounter a shot since it's shortlist. Here are my initial efforts with a sorta opium-dreamlands-art-deco-Lord-Dunsley vibe. I don’t think I’ve quite nailed it, but I like the monsters I came up with. And I at least liked them enough to take a crack at Level 2.

PRINCIPLES: I think I have outlined a few general qualities of monsters in the “Twilight Realms” that might separate it from the standard D&D arrangement above. Examples are given with the Level 1 monsters, but I’ve tried to maintain these core ideas throughout.

First, the “peoples” (Cultist of Yg, The Nameless Legion, & Sailors from Leng) of these dreamlands often bear curses and/or traditions originating from somewhere else not connected to the dungeon now. And although not explicit (but I might make it so later), they have an agenda separate from “sitting around” in the dungeon– they are searching for something. This is much like the PCs.

Second, the vermin (Walking Rust, Scintilipedes, & False Door Spider) arise not from organic decay, but more from inorganic decay– spoilt art not meat. Disease comes not from decaying bodies- those tend to lie inert, but instead from dilapidated buildings, monuments, and other edifices. That resultant disease is one that kills aesthetics not really hearts-- transmogrify over termination.

Third, the “undead” (Walking Rust, The Nameless Legion), like vermin, are less about organic decay and more about the decay of the spirit or the perversion of a single emotion into a free-standing spirit that can inhabit things. The horror of dreamland undead is possession and supplanting of will with another force instead of death per se.


  1. Kobolds 1/2 HD AC 12 Weapons, Trap makers, Reptile pets
  2. Goblins 1-1 HD AC 12 Weapons, Hate Light
  3. Skeletons 1/2 HD AC 11 Weapons, Undead
  4. Orcs 1 HD AC 12 Weapons, Hate Light
  5. Giant Rats 1/2 HD AC 12 Bite, Poison
  6. Centipedes 1/2 to 3 HD AC 11-12, Armored Head AC 16, Bite, Poison
  7. Bandits 1 HD AC 12 Weapons
  8. Spiders 1/2 to 4+1 HD AC 12-15, Web/Ambush, Bite, Poison
You might not recognize it, but this too is a re-skin
of a section of the map for Outdoor Survival
the"overworld" map for OD&D,
but now our Twilight Realms
THE TWILIGHT REALMS: North of Sleep, South of the Setting Sun, LEVEL 1
  1. CULTIST OF Yg: Milky-eyed servants of the Night Serpent Yg. They typically reside in the line of old forts along the Orchid Swamps and often run steam houses in the cities- both guarded by prayer-painted crocodiles.
  2. LAMP EATERS: Whole discussions are had as to if Lamp Eaters are advanced Zoogs or people lost to the dark, but they fear and hate light; small brave groups will try and extinguish them, then their numbers quickly double in the dark
  3. WALKING RUST: A curious fungal spoor or the restless ambition of warlords that survives death, stains, pits, corrodes, and then animates armor; care must be taken or any contact will spread this curse to any iron or steel on the person; even gold, silver, or copper isn't safe from prolonged exposure (on a successful attack AC drops by 1; if AC 10 begins to animate hindering wearer)
  4. THE NAMELESS LEGION: Soldiers robbed of their names and now forever walking for conquest as restless shades who know no end; when they march, they carry a disorienting fog with them and when defeated weapons, armor, at body turn to an hour-glass fine black sand; summoned it is said by building two doors of polished onyx with silver hinges
  5. ZOOGS: An array of eyes like a spider, body like a large rat, human-like hands, and a mouth surrounded by finger-like feelers; a thing more "like a" than "is a"; speaks any human tongue and prise them as a delicacy willfully given or not
  6. SCINTILIPEDES: Common wisdom says that these bothersome insects form spontaneously from patinaed metals in the dining room, toned coins in the vault, and ruined wallpaper of smoking rooms which is why polishing by the Filigree Guild is employed by any respectable house least these pests emerge in large numbers. Quit the embarrassment if one's social gathering was to be completely paralyzed and drained by their flashing a rhythmic light draining all color (-1 CHA if a save vs. Paralysis is failed)
  7. SAILORS FROM LENG: Manning the Black Galleys that visit Dylath-Leen, these people are rumored to have cloven feet, too many teeth, and horns- though this is hidden by their ruby-adorned dress; those press-ganged are driven to join their number by the droning beat of the galley drums
  8. FALSE DOOR SPIDERS: These arachnids take advantage of the shifting architecture of the underworld to mimic the subtle outline of secret doors; a bite convinces the victim there are other secrets around, but their friends don't want them to find them


  1. (humanoid) Berserkers 1+1 HD AC 12, weapons, morale 11; +2 to-hit humanoids
  2. (humanoid) Conjurers 2 HD AC 10, Spells 3, 1
  3.  (undead) Ghouls 2 HD AC 13, claws, bite, paralysis, kill by a ghoul raised as one (They are already such classic)
  4. (beastman) Gnolls 2 HD AC 14, XXX, +2 morale, fight with claw x2, bite
  5. (humanoid) Hobgoblins 1+1 HD, AC 14, +1 morale
  6. (animal) Lizards ?? HD AC ??, bite
  7. (humanoid) Theurgists 2+1 HD AC 10, Spells 4, 2
  8. (animal) Toads ?? HD AC ??, bite
  9. (humanoid) Warriors 2 HD AC 14, weapons
  10. (undead) Zombies 1 HD AC 11, fist

THE TWILIGHT REALMS: North of Sleep, South of the Setting Sun, LEVEL 2

  1. THE WINE-STAINED REVELERS OF PAN: Wine-addled, carefree, and looking for any excitement. Wine-stained fingers and feet carry a lascivious and fragile ego, they demand outrageous things from those who cross their path. Refusal or acquiescence leads to the same end- a murderous frenzy. As this frenzy builds a horned figure can be seen just out of the corner of one’s eye playing a shrill pipe.
  2. ARCANE BRAVOS: These are disciples of Saffory who’ve adopted the peacock patterns of Tyr bravos (much to the city’s collective irritation).  Generally hired to rid a home of incorporeal threats, but in hire times they are not above taking care of corporal existences. Often have Magic-Missle x2, Sheild, and Web prepared, 25% chance of a scroll on them can be hired for 100 GP/delve (hat-tip to Ben L. for the spellbook Saffory’s Arcane Dueling)
  3. CITIZENS OF THE ONLY EMPIRE: There are innumerable city-states in The Twilight Realms, however, there is only one empire that touches everywhere the dead are laid and only one empire that can transcend even death. Applications for citizenship are freely offered by gaunt, horse-skull-headed “representatives” clad in once-rich, twice-tattered livery. And even if initially refused, most come around. One bite of flesh at a time.
  4. NULLS: A lizard mouth attached to a crow's head, eagle talons for hands, and a shaggy mane of perpetually falling butterfly wings. These beings were created by the Corpse Dragons of LOMAR as playing pieces for a 999-year game. The game is done. The dragons were bored. And the NULLS are left on their own– but they only know the game.
  5. MOONMEN: The biggest secret of LAMP EATERS is they are part of a large organization. Their masters wear large full-moon-faced masks to hide a hideous cratered visage with a tumorous topography and small green eyes. They have no quarrel with dwarves or other light-shunners but have paranoid assumptions that all interlopers are spies to their machinations to creature eternal darkness.
  6. MONDATH ADDER-HOUNDS: Head like an eye-less eel extending from a six-legged lizard body describes this creature with a keen sense of smell and taste. A successful strike allows the creature to lock down on the target by pinning a sword arm (even hit) or leg (odd hit);  will answer to commands in old Mondathic– if anyone could remember to how to speak it.
  7. THE WANDERING LECTURES OF ZEIN: Taking “experience is the best teacher” to the extreme, ZEIN magic schools require students to roam all over the lands listening to their appointed professor lecture extensively on a variety of topics. And since dungeons are on the syllabus,  it is not surprising that occasionally at the semester’s end, there is no graduating class. The professors themselves are seasoned theurgists who demand silence and attention. And have no problem casting Sleep on PCs to aid in “resupplying the classroom”, nor drinking a potion of Gaseous Form should it become obvious this will be a class with low graduation.
  8. PROCESSION TOADS:  These squat, clawed planter-sized toads are known for their venomous bit that induces a confused stupor in prey. The toads will then follow at a distance until their prey drops due to exhaustion all the while emitting a low cry that attracts other toads. When standing still these toads are hard to spot looking like rocks and, almost sympathetically, empty garden planters if around ruins (3-6 surprise).
  9. THE FIVE MEN JUSTINIAN: Often a topic of idle conversation in coffee houses among scholars, mages, and diviners is the nature of the appearances of THE FIVE. Adventurers describe a group of five men (2-8), exactly identical, clad in silver mail, a winged helm, white cloak, and carrying a spear. They speak in unison and demand aid from those they encounter on a singular task. Scholars can find no record of the person described. Mages believe it is an echo of a miscast Mirror Image. Diviners believe their number and appearance signify something much like a doppelganger portents doom. If defeated, THE FIVE, shatter into a single spear, mail, and helm set (when the entire set + weapon is worn it has the following: AC Chain +1, Spear +1, & roll separate initiative) however wearing such causes the bearer to begin to believe they are THE JUSTINIAN.
  10. SANDSTONE STATUES: It is known that things in the shape of human likenesses eventually develop human desires. Time erodes the boundaries of living/not-living as rivers can carve the landscape. But it is a cruel fate when a thing has human desires, yet cannot feel as a human does. This longing to feel quickly turns to jealousy and that jealousy festers to hate. Hate fuels destruction which does register to even stone-dulled senses.
A zoog kindly rendered from
the mind of Colin Sproule; be on the lookout
for their OSE KS Fresh Meat! 

LAYERS OF THE LAMB: Simple Re-skins of a Dynamic Module

I think one of the best starting adventure modules right now is Arnold K's Lair of the Lamb. And not just me, even the curmudgeonly Bryce Lynch rates it a "Best" and the calcified comrades at Bones of Contention also gave it high marks.

In my own review, I said this about it:

The Lair of the Lamb, I think, is a new classic in old-school gaming. It is based on a universal fear of being hunted in the dark by a monster, yet in the context of a highly interactable swords & sorcery setting which yields strong, strange rewards for players who take a risk! The module demonstrates, through play, how much players can do, and have fun, with 1d6 HP, a knife, a background, and a goal: escape. The dungeon revitalized.

Given Lamb is based on such a universal concept and that the module itself is rather bare bones, I think has an inherent flexibility to be re-skinned beyond its eldritch swords & sorcery feel. And this is a strength of the module and I think what Lamb shares with oft-mentioned TSR classics like The Village of Hommlett (in particular the Ruined Moathouse) and The Keep on the Borderlands.

Each one can be adapted to whatever setting the DM feels is best for their players or setting. So here are some suggestions for ways to make the Lamb fit different types of settings that might be at your table.

A Lair of the Lamb Re-skin:

Lair of the Lamb Classic DnD Fairy Tale Modern Horror
The "Lamb" (big mindless monster) Headless Troll Ogre Hulking Slasher
White Temple Cult (opposition) (P)orcs Flying Monkeys Religious Camp Counselors
Cult Leader (BBEG) Chaotic Cleric Wicked Witch Charismatic Camp Head
Former Sacrifice (aid) Prisoner Nice Flying Monkey Old Janitor
Ghouls (opportunists) Brigands Foxes Townie Addicts/Drunks
Prisoners (0-level funnel PCs) 1st Level PCs Lost Children "Troubled Youth" Campers

NIGHTWICK ABBEY: The Purple Eater of People Session 44


Previously on Nightwick

The party returns in a joyful mood having successfully, as far as they know, rid the Lady Ilg of her burden or at least put things in motion to have that happen.

Blossom (Rogue 4)
Sotar (Cleric 4)
Cherwe (Cleric 3)
Liminal Space (Changeling 3)
Mayfly (Magic-User 3)
Mechtild (Fighter 2)
Verinka (Changling 2)
Yevgeniy the Coward (Cleric 1)

At the Medusa's Head...

The party is excited about delving back down into the Abbey. They've been on a nice streak so far and feel reward close at hand. Mayfly throws out that Halfdan has demanded another example of the bizarre metal coil the party pulled out of the dungeon. The party discusses one alternative which would be to explore areas that have yet been charted, but agree a goal is often safer in the dungeon.

(PC NOTE: Elsewhere it has been pointed out by our other players that the group seems to have a pattern: crawl, hit an interesting room, retreat, delve again, target an interesting room, and remove the gold. Then start over again.)

...down in Nightwick Abbey...

WEST TOWER: Using the map of Level 1, the party charts a four-room route to the set of stairs that lead us to Level 2 (PC NOTE: Mapping works kids!). Halfway there, the party encounters a group of cultists who quickly run at the sight of the party. Cowards! The stairs to LEVEL 2 without incident.

LEVEL 2: As always, the descent is full of twists and turns and just before 70% of the party vomits, the party arrives on LEVEL 2. Mayfly casts ESP and beings a sweep of the north, south, and east doors. To the north, a very strange mind is detected- akin to a singular mind checking various other smaller minds. To the south, the common mental echos of the undead. To the east, where the party wants to go-- nothing.

COIL LAB & ACTING!: The party travels east then south and come to a door where they here both a faint buzzing and muted human/animal noises-- manimals! Sotar tries to pry open the door, but fails, causing the door, in the fashion of the Abbey, to spay slime everywhere. However, since Sotar had cast Protection from Evil earlier, the slime hits a sorta invisible shield and sprays all over the party members behind him. 

The voices grow more muffled, but now seem to be focused on the party's attempts to break the door down. After another attempt, the door gives way and the PCs are faced with five manimals ("Lost Souls" in Nightwick parlance). "Who are you?" says one with a crab claw for a hand.

Stepping forward Mayfly shouts, "You ignoramuses! It is I, the Master, returned in a borrowed body! Now which one of you has absconded with my mortal form?!"

There is some dissension and a dog-headed creature steps forward to mention something about how "Builder has stolen the skeleton and anointed themselves The Rulesmaster." But, he questions the Master's new form. Mayfly holds up the gold skull of the actual Master to reinforce his authority: "Fools! I told you I was back in a borrowed body! Now, seize this coward!". 

Rolls are made. The manimals seize the dog-faced one and Mayfly tells him to fetch the rest of his bones like a "good boy" or he'll get his throat slit. Then dismisses the rest of them with a wave of his hand.

(PC NOTE: And this is what I love about RPGs, the ability to do a bit of talky-talky to flip situations in your favor and avoid (hopefully) violent, character-killing conflict)

The PCs realize that the 5 coils here might match the 5 switches that were found on Level 2 in a previous delve in a room back west. When they were first found, the party was a little apprehensive about playing around with them too much- concerned they might release something dangerous. "Should we split the party? One set in the control room and one set here with the coils?" 

"Noooooope." Chrewe says firmly (PC NOTE: Player is also a veteran of a few Nightwick games). 

CONTROL ROOM: So the party, as one, arrives back to the Control Room and with a few pokes and prods presses what they think will turn off the power to the coils. Also, they turn off something labeled with a picture of a brain. Hmm. Wonder what that does.

COIL LAB: The party returns and begins making preparations to steal the shit out of one of the coils. The MU hireling Gerung cast Floating Disk (PC NOTE: Disk always seems like a stupid spell until you are trying to escape with heavy treasure-- so put heavy treasure in your games DMs). The PCs load up the coil and DM rolls for encounters on the way out. Nothing happen so the party was able to hide the coil at the top of the WEST TOWER. This will be a valuable sell to Halfdan (1000sp)

 (PC NOTE: Decision time: we have a few hours of daylight left which matters because once the sun does down in the Dark Country, Nightwick gets much worse. No additional Floating Disk spells, so the party elects to chart out a course to unexplored areas on Level 1. Again maps come in handy.)

WEST TOWER (RETURN): The PCs travel down the stairs and turn westward. Since a path was charted, the DM again rolls to see if the party encounters anything on the way to our goal-- no interruptions. 

THE CRYING LADY: This entity is new to Mayfly who was not with the party when they previously encountered it. There was a lot of discussion about how to get closer to her as she is apparently walled off. But eventually, it was decided her sorta "spectral claws" should not be messed with. The party turns south into another unexplored portion of Level 1.

THE BARRACKS & CAGE: The party moves south and bumps into another group of manimals (Lost Souls). Once again Mayfly steps forward with the soon-to-be-classic-Mayfly-"I-am-the-Master"-shtick. And again there are disbelievers among the manimals. 

Mayfly commands, "Bring the non-believer forward!" The manimal group shoves one of them forward. This one is kinda cute. The creature then pleads its case to its brethren to convince them against following Mayfly. As this creature's speech reaches its most damning evidence, Mayfly fires a crossbow bolt at its head! And... a miss! (PC NOTE: A miss at a +3 to-hit! Curse the stars above!)

Verinka saves the day by casting Sleep quickly. It drops the dissenting voice and one other devoted follower. To the others, Mayfly commands, "Slit their throats and then leave us! Spread the word...THE MASTER HAS RETURNED!" They scurry off into the bowls of the Abbey.

COLLUMED GRAND HALLWAY: Pushing south, the PC's who can see keenly in the dark spy a group of robed humans frantically painting several columns. As the PCs move into the hallway, the figures throw off their mortal disguise and adopt the twisted visage of cadaverites! The PC are quick to form ranks as two floating horrors engage the front-rank clerics. Mayfly is able to blind one monster who is further back with Light. The battle is tough as attack after attack is avoided by the undead horrors, but eventually, the party prevails! During a post-battle investigation, the party finds a sack full of coins (250sp) . With that done, the party decides to get out!

...Back to the Medusa's Head.

The surprisingly small area
that occupied our explorations

DUNGEON 23: Week 5 The Four Towers


PROGRESS: Click here to see this evolving #dungeon23


Okay, I love the notebook but I am creating a lot of work for myself with it because I am drawing these geomorphs in Dungeon Scrawl, then drawing them again in the notebook, writing the entries, and then re-writing the entries in Google Drive. Too much! So, I think I'm just gonna make these things digitally and write them digitally.


  • I like this geomoph because it has multiple discrete areas, but also is very interconnected. I am starting to think its somewhat important that a 'morph allows PCs to traverse from almost any one door to any one of the others.
  • Rules are also made to be broken too. So it is good to have a few areas that are not connected to any other part of the 'morph because that can create interesting pathways, workarounds, and deadends.
  • I really hope to have some sorta unified idea after doing #dungeon23.
  • With my Week 3 and 4 effort, I realized I created two morphs that are most easily traversed by skirting the parameter which is fine. However, it means the players don't have to contend with anything in the morph. This can be good if being chased because you know the direction to go and its easy to avoid detection, however, it also might be boring to explore at first.
  • These towers are also closer to the large "follies" I envision for the dungeon. I want structures that can have multiple functions and provide multiple vantage points. Towers work well for that.
  • Its also fun to finally introduce the troll and a big pile a treasure.

NIGHTWICK ABBEY: The Purple Eater of People Session 43


We are back in (hex crawling) action in the Dark Country. The party is on a mission to Lychgate to save the good name of Lady Ilg:

Ilg, the lady of Nightwick (wife of Lord Eckhard) has indeed recently given birth to a healthy baby boy who now stands to be heir of the village's manor. However, the midwives reported to Roderick that mere hours after giving birth she seemingly began showing signs of pregnancy again. Roderick fears that this child might be a changeling or, even worse, a devil-man. 

Now certainly the good Lady would not find herself in this situation due to a lapse in judgment, so it must be an affliction brought by close proximity to the fiendish Nightwick Abbey. 

The cleric Sotar will no doubt recount the details of the party's wondering here at Mycelium Mischef, but I think there is one encounter from Mayfly's perspective worth telling.


After moving on from helping a group of van Toad froglings break camp, the party's scout Blossom* almost runs right into an old woman by the forest edge. The woman is described as very crone-like, tall, and has a feel of something odd about her. Surprised pleasantries are exchanged. And quickly the conversation toward trading.

Mayfly is brought into the conversation when the subject of soul stones is brought up:

"Do you have stones?" the witch says now drawing herself up to her full height and adopting more vulture-like features.

"Yes. Do you have instructions on the production of conflagrations as distances (aka Fireball scroll)?" asks Mayfly.

Rummaging through her bag, "Ah right here. And do you have 5 stones?"

"Right here. But is that truely the scroll I want?"

"Of course. You can trust me."

"Then, yes, this bag has the 5 stones you want." Mayfly lies. There are only 3.

An exchange is made. Mayfly greedily glances at the scroll's contents. A cry from the witch, "Oh you think you can cheat Goodgallows? You'll pay for that soon enough!" And at that, the witch jumps in a coffin hidden in the tall grass a flies off.

The very next thing the party encounters is a band of the Bishop's men, fully plated, but dead and all of them have had their genitals ripped off. A misfortune often associate with the witch Mayfly just cheated.

The consequences are for another day. The party scavenges enough plate to make 2 sets (2000sp!)

And continues to Lytchgate.


(PC NOTE) I almost asked just for Web instead of Fireball because I knew a lower-level spell would be easier to obtain and therefore safer. But (1) Mayfly again has high INT (+2) but low WIS (-1). He is too focused on gaining power to really weigh the consequences. So shooting low and safe feels out of character for the almost level 4 MU (9000/10,000 XP).

And in terms of being a player, where is the fun of playing it safe? Classic-play really hits its stride in calculated risk. I think OSR play will be boring if players don't engage in such risk-taking at frequent points during their play.

It usually does precede a hilarious death, but I think also fist-pumping reward as well. The line between "Oh fuck!" and "Fuck yeah!". And often both are linked. Either way, these are the high points of campaigns that make them memorable to the player. It's the counterbalance to the careful weighing of which direction to go, the checking of arches before walking under them, and/or the looking but not touching the statue, before touching the statue, and the attention to encumbrance and party ranks. All the stuff OSR play gets dinged for.

And another thing about Mayfly's exchange with the Witch, it was a combination of player action and player equipment (those stones were gained all the way back in session 12) There was no skill roll. No dice were involved in this fun exchange. There was also no diplomacy mechanism employed other than the DM and player knowing how to make a deal with stated and unstated (but obvious) conditions.

* Blossom is THE OG of the group having survived since the 1st session.

CALL OF CTHULHU: The Price of Charity Day 2




Ellis Williams PI
Caldwell Zimmer Drifter
Evelyn Dalton PI
Darleen Marsh Miskatonic Lady's Track Coach


  • The investigators decide to split up into two groups: The ladies will hit up the library to dig into some of the local personalities and history; the gentlemen will seek out Ross Waightly
  • Ellis and Caldwell ask around town about Ross Waightly. They get the location of his farm but are warned that the family is a bit touched in the head and Ross is nice enough but odd. Ellis takes that as a good sign and they head out up the way to meet him.
  • Once in Fox Field, Ellis and Caldwell are confronted by two men in a truck with bats. These "friendly locals" try to warn away Ellis and Caldwell by informing them their business is very much concluded:
    • Ellis: "Hmm is either of your names 'Ross Waightly'? No? Well then, me and my associate's business remains unresolved. And while I'd love to stay for a game of baseball, I seem to have forgotten my bat <pulling open his coat to reveal the .38 at his side>.
  • Ellis and Caldwell head to the Waightly farm where Ross informs them that (1) he was helping Kai figure out the mysterious illness afflicting the town and (2) it seems to center somehow on Gilory.
  • Ross tells the men to bring their friend back at midnight for a summoning of a being that can hopefully push back against the Gilory blight. Caldwell is all in! Ellis believes none of this.
  • At the old Bonner Mansion, Evelyn and Darleen find several interesting records concerning the Gilroy family and their surprising fortune:
    • The Gilroy family has made their fortune in two ways: corn & gems
    • While bootlegging might be the reason for the corn, no other farm has had success growing anything in the same rocky soil
    • The gems are also a new aspect, most folks don't understand why these precious rocks are all of a sudden showing up there. Maybe the Gilroy farm is trafficking people to mine?
  • The investigators meet back up and all but Ellis agree to travel to the Waighly farm for the summoning-- Ellis, uninteresting is such nonsense, will run decoy for the truck that seems to be lingering outside the hotel.
  • DISASTER STRIKES! Once at the summoning, all goes well until the inhabited vessel (Nancy) speaks and it is revealed that the group has mistakenly summoned the malevolent being they were hoping to thwart.
  • THE BEING ANSWERS QUESTIONS & PROPOSES A SACRIFICE: The being calls itself THE TOAD a patreon to sorcerors and confirms that Kai is walking among its servants. And that a godling is being prepared that will serve THE TOAD's will in this reality. Then Nancy's body, grotesquely swelling through this interrogation, explodes! Everything is drenched in a black ichor that starts coalescing where she once stood. 


DUNGEON 23: Week 2 The Slumbering Field

The area around 0109A is supposed to be a moat

Click here to see this evolving #dungeon23


  • I have added a fuller encounter table. I am trying a nested format because I want to increase the likelihood of PCs encountering factions then powerful monsters. So, the four results are more "vermin", the next four are factions, and the final four are big monsters. I'll start with a d4 and for every geomorph the PCs cross, I'll increase the die one step to a d8 then again with a d12.
  • Each morph still needs a bit stronger focus or visual element. I think I need to make them a little more stunning. Either in terms of the lawns there or have some interesting statue/water feature/ monument there.
  • Factions: I finally settled on factions that will be encountered in the garden I think I want their "home bases" to be found on deeper levels and leave this garden space as a sorta battleground/food gathering place.
  • Worried I've not started with a strong enough theme or push, but the good thing about morphs is they are easy to combine and adjust.
  • Like the fuller random encounter table
  • Stronger theme to it than the entrance does, but still don't know if the players will get a sense of what this dungeon is building to. Of course, a megadungeon doesn't have to build to anything its a sprawling mythic underworld.
  • Different environments here, something funny (coffee machine), and something to try and figure out- how to get in the tower.

Closing Thought: Most likely by the end of dungeon23, no matter the quality of my dungeon, I will probably know far more about dungeon design than when I started dungeon23. That itself makes it a valuable endevour.