An evolving document to keep up with the changes that I like to make to the 1981 B/X ruleset.

Character Generation
  • 3d6 down the line; if bonus total equal less than 0. You may re-roll.
  • Cleric, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Halfling, Thief, Wizard
  • Only Dwarves can see in the dark & have d10 HD
  • Fighter: Sheilds Shall Be Shundered: A fighter can sacrifice their shield to negate all damage from a single attack. They can only carry two shields.
  • Cleric: Remove spells in favor of innate spell-like % percentage abilities as a thief or similar to 1e AD&D paladin.
  • Wizard: A component is a material thing that can be used to improve the potency of the spell. Each component takes 1 slot of encumbrance due to how it has to be stored and accessible. They cannot be stacked 2+ to a slot even if they are the same.
    • 1 component = can increase or decrease 1 number in the spell's description.
    • 2 components = can make the spell cast instantaneous.
    • 4 components = can prevent a spell slot from being used
    • Each component must be different but related thematically

  • Crit & Fumble table. Each of those results added notches to your armor & weapons
  • 1 notch decreases a weapon's die by 1 size (1d8 --> 1d6 ---> 1d4 ---> 1)
  • 1 notch lowers AC by -1. If the number of notches equals your armor its bonus is 0.
  • There are a few important concepts in D&D combat:
    • Readied bows maybe fired before the initiative and twice instead of moving
    • Melee is within 5' feet of a target
    • 5' Step may be used if you are already in melee
    • Fighting Withdrawal may be used in combat if defender want to back up at 1/2 rate
    • Retreat may be used in combat if the defender wants to backup at full rate. +2 to-hit and you lose the AC bonus of a shield. Retreating PC may engage another opponent.
    • Parry may be used to add +2 to AC, but removes the attack option. If the attacker scores a hit equal to the defender's AC, the weapon breaks.
    • Charging in combat allows an attack to move double their movement rate and attack. If the attack has horns or tusks then the attack does 2x dmg (a PC cannot do this). However, a PC (except thief, cleric, wizard) may set a spear to receive the charge and do 2x dmg
EXP Generation
  • 1 SP = 1 XP
  • Gems can be sold in similar groups of three for a 1.8x multiplier
  • Jewelry can be sold in groups in a set of three things (bracelet, errings, tiara)
  • XP per SP wasted (twitter Ava): A great rule that allows PCs to recover XP = total GP invested. Jeweled Sword breaks? XP = to its total cost; New Inn burned down by that other PC party, XP = GP use to build and maintain it.
Followers & Hirelings
Crafting & Creation

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