NIGHTWICK ABBEY: The Purple Eater of People Session 22


Pretty good haul

Previously in Nightwick...

Cherwe (Cleric 1)
Ianthi (Changling 1)
Mayfly (Magic-User 2.5)

Hirelings: Elger, Grolmes, Ticze, Mach, Pawel the OG

Off the road but only for a short while...

The party initially considers booking it to Lychgate to see the Bishop, however, a few errands occupy most of the previous members. Seeing that money is running low and the Abbey calls, the remaining members decide to tempt fate and plunge once more into its devil-besotted halls.

EAST TOWER: Tried and true (and well-known), the party heads down this tower as it is generally deer-man free. The statue, previously covered with a bag, has finally sloughed it off. Wonder if it will ever animate?

The overall goal of the party is to re-find the stairs to the second level of Nightwick Abbey having lost them after the Abbey shifted due to clerical use of turn undead and application of holy water.

SMOKING ROOM: The party quickly heads west into the sweetleaf room that smells anything but. This time quick reflexes save the PCs as rocks fall from the ceiling. Nobody dies. The hole in the ceiling is covered in purple slime. Party moves through the south door.

LIBRARY: Ah old memories come flooding back as this is the room Mayfly found a beautiful Fireball scroll in, but had to put it to use before being able to properly copy it. The party moves south again.

READING ROOM: After the party crowbars the door, it pops open revealing 9 goblins! And one with an ermine cloak! The party definitely eyes the one with the ermine cloak $$$$. The party forms a line across the doorway, but not quick enough for goblin swords to find Charwe's chest for 5 damage! 

Ianthi steps up quickly and hums a powerful lullaby and many of the goblins' tiny eyes lose the fight against their lids. Several drop asleep and the rest run. While Mayfly looks at Charwe's wounds, the party quickly puts the Goblins deeeeep into Slumberland. Plus one ermine cloak (500 SP). The party moves further south.

CULT OF THE LADY: Adversity is unending. The party stumbles into some sort of ritual. Daggers are drawn and the cultist rush the party! Mayfly fires off Charm Person and hits one of the cultists: "Friend! There has been a misunderstanding! Please get your breathern to stop!". Alas this charmed cultist fails to make any convincing argument. Blood-craze is just too strong. Eventually, the party is victorious!

The charmed individual makes the party promise to deliver this gold (75 GP!) thithe to the church in the swamp: "Of course, we will!". The party then asks him a series of questions about the Abbey and the location of the garden. Mayfly unwisely offers his spell book back page over as a place for maps to be drawn-- and the fool cultist promptly mars this beautiful text with incoherent scribbles and adolescent drawings!

Mayfly cuts this cultists throat and moves onward with the party through the south door.

STAIRS DOWN: At last, the party finds the stairs to Level 2. This is important because it helps fulfill a 6-month obligation to Halfdan the Black. But for this delve, the party decides to make a quick exit. They certainly have enough loot.

%*^&ING DEERMEN: Or at least the exit would have been quick were it not for Nightwick's contstant vermin: deermen. Returning north, a hail of arrows is the vanguard of the deermen. And while none of the party was hurt, poor Pawel one of the longest surviving members was struck down by multiple direct hits. The party splits up and flanks either side of the door as the deermen enter the room. The gods of good fortune are on the party's side as well as another Sleep spell by Ianthi. 

Now the party makes it out!

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