CALL OF CTHULHU: The Price of Charity Day 2




Ellis Williams PI
Caldwell Zimmer Drifter
Evelyn Dalton PI
Darleen Marsh Miskatonic Lady's Track Coach


  • The investigators decide to split up into two groups: The ladies will hit up the library to dig into some of the local personalities and history; the gentlemen will seek out Ross Waightly
  • Ellis and Caldwell ask around town about Ross Waightly. They get the location of his farm but are warned that the family is a bit touched in the head and Ross is nice enough but odd. Ellis takes that as a good sign and they head out up the way to meet him.
  • Once in Fox Field, Ellis and Caldwell are confronted by two men in a truck with bats. These "friendly locals" try to warn away Ellis and Caldwell by informing them their business is very much concluded:
    • Ellis: "Hmm is either of your names 'Ross Waightly'? No? Well then, me and my associate's business remains unresolved. And while I'd love to stay for a game of baseball, I seem to have forgotten my bat <pulling open his coat to reveal the .38 at his side>.
  • Ellis and Caldwell head to the Waightly farm where Ross informs them that (1) he was helping Kai figure out the mysterious illness afflicting the town and (2) it seems to center somehow on Gilory.
  • Ross tells the men to bring their friend back at midnight for a summoning of a being that can hopefully push back against the Gilory blight. Caldwell is all in! Ellis believes none of this.
  • At the old Bonner Mansion, Evelyn and Darleen find several interesting records concerning the Gilroy family and their surprising fortune:
    • The Gilroy family has made their fortune in two ways: corn & gems
    • While bootlegging might be the reason for the corn, no other farm has had success growing anything in the same rocky soil
    • The gems are also a new aspect, most folks don't understand why these precious rocks are all of a sudden showing up there. Maybe the Gilroy farm is trafficking people to mine?
  • The investigators meet back up and all but Ellis agree to travel to the Waighly farm for the summoning-- Ellis, uninteresting is such nonsense, will run decoy for the truck that seems to be lingering outside the hotel.
  • DISASTER STRIKES! Once at the summoning, all goes well until the inhabited vessel (Nancy) speaks and it is revealed that the group has mistakenly summoned the malevolent being they were hoping to thwart.
  • THE BEING ANSWERS QUESTIONS & PROPOSES A SACRIFICE: The being calls itself THE TOAD a patreon to sorcerors and confirms that Kai is walking among its servants. And that a godling is being prepared that will serve THE TOAD's will in this reality. Then Nancy's body, grotesquely swelling through this interrogation, explodes! Everything is drenched in a black ichor that starts coalescing where she once stood. 



  1. Call of Cthulhu is my favourite rpg and this sort of thing is the reason why. Ia!

    1. CoC certainly has its fun moments and I think you're right these are a highlight.