STRANGE STARS: A Micro-Campaign Setting


From the Marigold Tarot

After reading Direct Sun's Aberrant Reflections, I realized I think I might have a handful of modules dealing with weird stuff falling out of the sky and *%^& up the land or sky-positioned environmental effects. If put all in one setting, that might make a fun micro-campaign. A little bit of "trimming" might be required to fit it all together. Or maybe you don't and let the players come up with the reasoning and build a from-scratch campaign out of that.


Aberrant Reflections

✦ The Weird That Befell Drigbolton

✦ Hideous Daylight

✦ Tower of the Stargazer  

✦ Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier  


Brewkessel: "The other, other famous school of wizarding has returned from a 50+ year disappearance in a flash of red lighting."

Notable Monster

Fire on the Velvet Horizon's Eclipse-lich: "An undead star casting an undying light."

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