NIGHTWICK ABBEY: The Purple Eater of People Session 93


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Previously in Nightwick...

This week's adventurers:

Liminal Space (Changeling 4)
Krupe (Cleric 3)
Lump (Frogling 1)
Blossom (Rogue 6)
Mayfly (Magician 5)
Thekla (Magician 3)
Assman (Fighter 1)


The party assembled once again at the best bar in Nightwick Village. Thekla gains a new tattoo under her right eye- a square symbolizing devotion to the Zenopolian interpretation of god. Liminal jostles Mayfly as he runs in exclaiming about the most delicious venison (PC Edit: +4 hp permanently; whole additional HD). Before heading out, the party takes advantage of a surprising sale on blunt weapons at Rubert vanToad's emporium. Off to the Abbey. And commissions the blacksmith the frog-size some spare chain armor found in the Abbey.


THE EVER-SHIFTING ABBEY: The party's goal lately has been recovery of the "book of the Master". A tome of magic that might have been used by the talking gold skull Mayfly has in his possession. It might contain helpful magics that could help the party on the 4th level.  However, again the PC has to deal with a rather large shift (party-induced). The PCs enter the Abbey on the map above at the door labled "LEVEL 3 (NEW)"

[PC NOTE: We are using for our VTT. I really like its stripped-down nature. We assign marching order, use sticky notes for treasure and monsters, and, of course, we draw the map as we go.]

GOING FORWARD BY GOING BACKWARDS: The party decides to move backwards (map-east) to a T-interaction and discovers a staircase up most likely to LEVEL 2 (although it remains unconfirmed). The party turns map-north and encounter a large, shaggy hulking beast crouch over an open sarcophagus. 

Liminal, the realm's most beloved changeling, decides to open up a dialogue with the creature: "Hello! How can we help?" After a small exchange, the party is rudely rebuffeted ("jerk") and decides to continue map-north to see if there is an easier score without getting into a fight.

[PC NOTE: Since we lack our strongest fighter, Mectilde, it is easier to do an exploration of the Abbey than a search-and-destroy]

Going north, the PCs find little else, however, they do discover how this connects to the LEVEL 3 entrance and Mayfly is able to collect a spell component.

BREAKING WHEELS KEEP ON TURNING: After comparing older maps with this newer one, the party agrees that continuing map-south is the best way to proceed. Once map-south, the party takes time to investigate what could be a secret door. The Abbey seizes the moment to attack!

The grinding of wheels on stone heralds forthcoming monsters! Mayfly readies web to launch at the oncoming unseen foes while the rest of the party braces spears for the charge. As the wicked wheel round the corner, Mayfly is quick enough to get web to fill the hallway. The party descends and destroys the hapless fiends!

DOUBLE DOORS: The party continues map-south and come upon very familiar double doors. After taking a peek inside, they confirmed this was the location where they previously incinerated ~20 cultists using Liminal's hypnotism to group them together. This also resulted in the incineration fo their very fine robes.

A "DANTE" OF DEVILMEN: Still feeling a map-south direction is best, the party continues onward. Moments later, Blossom returns from scouting to report a room up ahead containing 15 devilmen bathed in a pale blue light (promising and deadly!). The party attempts to creep forward but there are too many keen eyes, pointy ears, and black hearts to escape notice.

With a wink at Mayfly, Liminal says, "Fireball" while making the motions for phantasmal force. This sends the devilmen in disarray and knocks a few of them out as they writh on the floor in the imaginary fire. With an indignant stamp of his foot, Mayfly quickly casts fireball on the remaining devilmen leaving piles of corpses and warm armor.

NO PATIENCE FOR ORACLES: The party now turns their attention to a tall statue of a robed figure, faceless, with two small flames flickering where the eyes should be. Above its head floats a crown. The party has encountered these before and has stolen the crown each time. This time was no different! 

Lump, with a mighty push from his back leg, pulls the crown from its floating position. With an indignant howl, the statue summons a mass of skeletal warriors from their graves. And a final fireball sends them back. The party grabs the crown, extra sets of armor, and makes off back to the surface.

The party ends up collecting about 228sp/ea and 512xp/ea. Very successful!

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