TORCHES (6): A RPG Microblog Collection 3

Luke Gearing mixes up a d100 Carousing table for his Whitehack game. I think Luke gets it right here in that the table not just serves as an XP gamble, but also as a tool to entangle the PCs with the greater world. Its something I tried to do with my Serpent Song Hymnal tables too.

GO SMALL OR GO HOME: I agree with James here that world-spanning (and plane-spanning) campaign building is a siren's song. Better to have a small area where a lot of relationships are built between the PCs and the local NPCs and institutions.

ALWAYS A METHOD TO THE (LAYOUT) MADNESS: Mork Borg does it right while the imitators often get it wrong. Clayton explains why

HGTV 40K: Eric's Hobby Workshop demonstrates how to make some terrain for 40K by simply cutting off the corners of a diaper box and cutting windows as a start. The whole process has a wonderful DIY feel. A raccoon makes an appearance.

THE LORD OF ALIGNMENT: The Wandering DM's interview Micheal Moorcock of Elric fame. Its a very pleasant conversation that spans both how he writes and his view on several questions about the Elric system-- including a hint of a possible movie/tv show!

WHAT'S THAT SMELL? d4 Caltrops is back with another of their fantastic d100 tables: Incense & Candles. I always feel dreamland campaigns should make strong use of those and since I am running a campaign involving a wicked abbey-- this table is highly relevent.

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