DYSON'S DELVE: "Hey babe, you wanna do some role-play tonight?"


Dyson's Delve: The Original Mini Mega Dungeon (2019)

SETUP: Partner occasionally likes to role-play a little bit and asked if we could have something set up so whenever the mood strikes we can just start playing. I was looking for my copy of Winter's Daughter, but the closest thing at hand was this Delve.

To shortcut, the character was made by arranging the following scores: 16, 15, 12, 11, 8, 8 which yields a total bonus of attribute bonus of +1. This resulted in the creation of fighter, Princess Rosa, who started at level 2 (2000 XP). Some random equipment later via my digital DM screen and we are off.

BACKGROUND: Deposed from the throne that was rightfully hers, Rosa seeks treasure to build an army and take back what is rightfully hers. 


Rosa (F2) took the obvious stair entrance to the old watchtower. Finding nothing in the pulled down broken statue, she heads toward the entrance.

Stopped by two goblin guard who demands she freely handover her gold or she'll be freely handing out her blood. 2 goblins are quickly dispatched as she does not suffer fools, nor goblin reinforcements and she retreats to the South Chamber.

Desperately trying to escape she makes her way down the stairs to Level 1 Main Entrance- noisily. Again she is stopped by one goblin as the other one rushing to bring reinforcements. Rosa ignores the goblin in front of her to throw her mace at the fleeing goblin [gambit- roll 2d20 and scored two hits]. Goblin hit in the back of the head collapses, and the remaining guard flees upstairs.

Following an old cave tunnel, Rosa finds stairs that lead her to Level 2. Lighting a new torch, Rosa stumbles into a den of giant rats who attack her as a source of food.

Because of the goblin fights, Rosa finds the rats a little dangerous, at 2 HP she decides it's best to drop rations beat a hasty retreat back to Level 1. Exploring a ray of sunlight, Rosa returns to the surface and heads back to town.

❤️Princess Rosa- Alive;  💀: 3 Goblins (15 XP); 💰: 11 EP


  • Goblins hate Rosa and will fortify the upper areas due to goblin deaths
  • Goblins should normally demand GP to pass into the tower; extra GP is you want to take your weapons; or can make a bargain to kill corpse eaters on Level 2 (3 ghouls)
  • Will try to encourage hirelings given its a solo campaign
  • Need to sketch out a small town; maybe just use Beyond the Borderlands

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