NIGHTWICK ABBEY: The Purple Eater of People Session 82

Previously in Nightwick...

This week's adventurers:

Blossom (Rogue 6)
Mayfly (Magician 5)
Mechtilde (Fighter 5)
Liminal Space (Changeling 4)
Krupe (Cleric 3)
Voorhis (Fighter 2)
Poppy (Fighter 2)
Thekla (Magician 1)


This week the party decides to continue the exploration of the third level of Nightwick to order to secure and recover any treasure that might have been overlooked in the heady rush of the first sojourns into Level 4. Plus, Mayfly still would like to find other pieces of the golden skeleton and the rest of the party seems okay with that: "Let's go get your golden Frankenstein".


CRADLE OF THE CINDER KINDER: With the guardian statues vanquished, the party has an easy time entering the Abbey via the graveyard entrance and turns south toward the sound of crying infants. The group organizes themselves to give Mayfly a clean shot then swiftly kick the door in! Lightning quickly turns and reduces to ash the flaming mockeries of children in a simple 30ft X 30ft room.

INVESTIGATION, INTERRUPTED: Before the party can investigate the remains of the monsters they have killed a door mysteriously open to the east, and a pack of 5 ghouls swift moves to attack the front and left flank of the party's line! Mechtile and Liminal stave off the front assault, but while the new fighters and Blossom take a few nasty hits. Mayfly's web goes off to tie up the ghouls in the front, and allow Mechtile and Liminal to wheel to protect the flank-- all ghouls are dispatched in good time. The party leaves this 30ft X 30ft room and proceeds west.

MORE SKULLS: The door pops open easily enough revealing a room of skulls whose eye sockets glint with something green (gems?). Blossom checks for traps across the threshold, but finds nothing-- all safe? Liminal steps forward to check out the skulls which suddenly vomit forth a cloud of gas! Overcome by fear, Liminal charges back into the 30ft X 30ft room screaming. It takes almost the whole party to dogpile the hysterical changing and apply a gag. The party breathless awaits the Abbey's response to such alarm.

DEVIL MAN- DEVIL MAN, CALLING DEVIL MAN RUNNING IN MY HEAD, YEAH! The southern door opens and 7 men appear with red skin, and shiny black horns, and all have equally pointy beards-- the sons of The Pit. The party is quick enough on their feet, Mayfly moves to the north archway while Blossom and Mechtild for a front rank, the rest of the party hold Liminal and move middle. The devils draw their swords in preternatural union while Mayfly draws the sigil of fire in the air-- an explosion in the middle of the infernal ranks! (PC NOTE: Fireball damage 18). Some smoking yet-to-be-dead-Devil Men survive but certainly not the follow-up assault by the party's experienced swordsmen. In the end, their smoldering, sliced-up corpses leave behind a couple of rings and a few gems (650sp)

Breathing hard, wounded, and still standing in the same 30ft X 30ft room, the party decides to leave this #*$^ing accursed place.


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