TORCHES (6): A RPG Microblog Collection 1


I think for 2024 and beyond I will try to start running a microblog collection of RPG posts that I find and like. Microblogging I feel is one thing that is not quite bridged by either "Xitter" or Blogspot. If I post something on Twitter or Bluesky, I quickly forget about it and/or lose track. But making a formal blog post about a single link or for something I just want to say one line about seems like too much as well.

Variable Weapon Properties (Blog of Forlorn Encystment): I particularly like the nice rule that if a PC uses their DEX bonus for to-hit/dmg, then the weapon's die drops 1 size

How to Turn Negative Mechanics into Stuff Players' Want to Track (Trilemma Adventures): Good stuff- I especially like the +1 to all rolls if a PC only has four encumbrance slots filled; and I do like the idea of spell components giving MUs bonuses. Both fit into the new "short form" character sheet I recently made.

2023 Novies (Playful Void): Nightwick Abbey wins a Novie and in a follow-up post Nightwick is previewed: "When a publisher gets a hold of this (honestly publishers should be begging to have this on their slate), and the layout and art is finalized, you’re in for something very very special." 100% True, but I'm biased.

The Underground Maze or Primordial Stack (All Dead Generations): Gus L performs a very nice analysis on the advice given in the LBBs about designing a dungeon and if dungeon design by the early advice differs from current OSR concepts of such.

Megadungeon As Overworld (Playful Void): More megadungeon advice, but I particularly like Nova's analysis here about what exactly makes a "sublevel" of a megadungeon differ from a regular level.

PORK FACES & ROMAN DARTS: In 2d AD&D, MU could use darts. In my pre-teens, I thought that was a silly weapon- a little throwing dart? Here is a video with a more accurate presentation of what these darts were. I like the use of pork shoulder to represent the size/density of someone's face.

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