Influenced by Darkest Dungeon & Into The Breach, here is a way to remind myself to mix in melee and ranged units with intelligent antagonists. I think there are really four basic components: Melee, Ranged, Damage, Effect. This gives four combinations:
Melee X Damage; Ranged X Damage; Melee X Effect; Ranged X Effect.

Thinking of the Beastmen in my Thracia campaign and keeping it simple:
Ax-1d6 dmg; Bow-1d6 dmg; Ram!-Push 1d4 x 5'; Caustic Spit- 1 dmg; blinded 1d4 rounds.


  1. Interesting way to remember to include that diversity! I might not make sure every foe has all four squares, but many encounters (and all "factions") would benefit from the full array.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, its not an all the time thing. But I agree it might help distinguish martial factions (all 4) from less trained (melee only). Its also was an attempt to remind myself that there are ways to liven up "1d6 damage".

      Sorta like your giant spiders post- it doesn't just have to be a big spider.


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