Nice post from Throne of Salt that I think could also be used to generate characters for Carcosa.

I really like the CONCEPT table where once per session, a player can either add 1d6 points to a roll or re-roll a skill check provided they are acting according to their character concept.

This sounds like a nice house rule to mix with 5e's backgrounds, ideals, bonds, and flaws in some manner.

1) AdventurerGo out there and find some excitement.
2) CreatorWorking, building, making.
3) MentorTeacher and keeper of knowledge.
4) MartyrSelf-sacrifice for others' sake.
5) RulerControl and command
6) SeekerLooking for answers.
7) HealerFights against the world's decay.
8) TraditionalistUpholds the old ways.
9) MediatorThe point between two parties.
10) HermitIsolation, solitude, wisdom.
11) HereticUpends faith, casts doubt.
12) ConquerorGlorious victory at all costs.
13) AbominationSomething's broken inside.
14) DestroyerLet nothing remain standing.
15) ChosenHailed as the doer of a great task.
16) DefilerBlame and undermine all others.
17) ProtectorProtect and preserve what is precious.
18) VisionaryBig-picture ideas of a better tomorrow.
19) ZealotOf absolute faith and conviction.
20) DiscipleFollower of teachers old and new.
21) RighteousUnshakable confidence in their path.
22) TravelerThe open road still softly calls.

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