These are three creations for a cult that was allowed to run loose in my Yoon-Suin campaign.
Henry Clarke

A giant hydrocephalic hedgehog with a locket head and hands for feet.
HD 12 HP 70 AC 16  ATK Two enormous reflections of the heads in the room extend out 10' to bite for d20 dmg

  • Immune to fear, poison, flame
  • Magical immunity 50%
  • The creature floats 3 feet off the ground
  • Can curse one word and any character or player uttering it takes d8 dmg to their character
  • All within 20' must save or fall in LOVE with their reflections. Clerics/paladins may autosave or give 2+ to everyone else's save

Headless cultist of THE GUEST who carries its egg in the form of a choker with a locket face. 
HD 3 HP 10 AC 13 ATK 1d6 with a short sword or large dagger

  • Will attack with the inverse of any previous attack on it (reflection) but only if the attacker shows their true face
  • Unconcious, disabled, or incapacitated victims will be fitted with a locket choker. Any reference to it will always be answered with a sentence ending in "...my mother gave it to me."
  • Can cast reversed spells

Stalking mirror-headed collectors of those who are trapped by the beautifying and perfection it offers.
HD 4 HP 17 AC 16 DMG 1d6 tail as whip

  • A large mirror makes up their face. Anyone within 15' feet are charmed by the reflection which shows a perfect version of their lives. The person will attempt to crawl into the mirror face and be imprisoned.

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