DUNGEON23: Flashes of Inspiration

I feel like I have slight writer's block for #dungeon23 so here are some concepts that jump around in my head.

  • Bizzare garden full follies and patrolled by a medusa
    • Medusa would be a stalking sorta creature; turns folks to semi-precious gems
    • Statues exist of great value, but very heavy
    • Statues are of other adventures breaking into secrets; study statues to learn this; some are people the town wants back
    • Blind mole people patrol garden at night & agents of the Devil Swine (below) kidnapping adventures before they are turned to stone
    • peacocktrice
    • Rappaccini's Daughter situation

  • Beholder kind guards a Deck of Many Things
    • Uses Create Food & Water to attract humanoids to assist in guarding
    • Humanoids have formed a religion around this phenomenon; have a special interest in cups/bowls/plates; People of the Feast/People of the Round Table
    • Bothered that the "god" keeps mentioning the end will be in 1 year (this beholder only guards things for 99 years)
  • Devil Swine disguised as a kindly wizard "trapped" in a tower
    • Sends "press gangs" of guards to capture the most beautiful member of a party
    • Want that member to plant a kiss, to wake his sleeping daughter
    • Terrible twist: daughter is a vampire or daughter has to be revived for the swine's purpose
    • Swine is actually the lord of the town the PCs are in?
    • Or assemble every awesome katsuya terada Zelda image in a mood-board and go from there
  • A gigantic pomegranate tree produces fruit that tempts the gods (to humans, the seeds are perfect rubies a single fruit is 10,000 GP + other effects)
    • Rotten fruit has hideous effects
    • A wyrm with brass scales and a poisonous breath is wrapped around the tree
    • Waves of its vile breath float through the dungeon
    • Roots extend downward to an underground cloud?

  • A cloud giant's former castle is now underground; cloud atmosphere; avian monstrosities
    • Dead or just dreaming?
    • New occupants have a sorta parasitic relationship with giant
    • Fay try to keep it asleep; the spinal fluid vampire skulks around taking sips
    • This cloud is what feeds the giant tree above

  • The Colossal Crab Cities of the Kuo-toa (posted about this here)
    • Buried in a flooded plane now filled with sea creature
    • 2+ factions of fish people fight it out
    • PCs may become godlings in the presence of the kuo-toa's weird powers; may go crazy 
    • From former post: All the shell would be is a living reef of Kuo-toa singing mad hymns all the while. A tide pool from a briny hell. Maybe the crab would pick up chunks of cities, towers, and landscapes like decorator crab. Maybe it even has torn a piece of the night sky with it. Maybe this is actually the water elemental protecting itself from the eyes of other gods by disguising itself as a normal spiritual thing (See I have worshipers, cities, bits of land, factions, & sacrifice!). But really its just a crab that wants to eat everything.

  • Cyclops/Ogre at the Ruined Moat-house
    • Raised prised cerulean sheep and grapes of an exquisite type
    • Ruined moat-house contains 2-3 entrances to the dungeon below
    • Cyclops is periodically sleeping, sitting at the "front door" of the moat-house, counting sheep near by etc.; basically, PCs don't always have easy access to the dungeon
    • Cyclops also has some great treasures too (Type E); e.g. 
      • 1,000cp, 10,000sp, 3,000ep, 3 × gems (10gp), 2 × gems (50gp), 2 × gems (100gp)
      • piece of jewellery (500gp), piece of jewellery (700gp), piece of jewellery (800gp)
      • 2 × pieces of jewellery (900gp), piece of jewellery (1100gp), 2 × pieces of jewellery (1200gp), piece of jewellery (1500gp), Potion of Diminution, Leather armour, Shield + 1, Sword +1 (+2 vs Lycanthropes), Spell scroll (light (darkness), remove fear (cause fear), remove fear (cause fear))
  • Monsters Parts
    • Gold dragon mummy
    • Green slime merchants
    • Troll with a magic sword stuck in its back
    • Living statues that think they are gods?
Maybe I just wrote the whole thing? Stack all of these one top of each other?? What to do???


  1. Ngl the level to which all the bloggers I follow seem to be prepping for this challenge is freaking me out a bit. I was planning to just sorta write one dungeon room a day haha. This seems like a lot of prep work. O_o

    (I have ideas too, I guess - I'm just not super organized with them yet)

    1. Hard agree. And I think this thing is ripe for over thinking when it should be able just enjoying slapping down a dungeon as you like it. And enjoying to community portion of it. Share, repurpose, remix, and blog!